Uncorked Plan for Covid 19 Recovery on our Tours:

  • Health screening. You may be asked a series of questions about travel and symptoms upon arrival and some wineries may take temperatures at the door. 
  • Arrival time. You may be asked to arrive early and be ready to be out in front of your hotel or private residence. You will receive a text the night before to provide those details.
  • Masks. Your Tour Guide will probably be in a mask and you may be asked to wear one too. 
  • Extra charge. Some businesses will add a COVID-19 surcharge to your bill to help cover the costs. We will only do so should tasting fees increase at wineries or there are special requests to do tastings at wineries other than those offered in our regularly scheduled tours.

Conversation-free. Some health authorities have recommended that talking be kept to a minimum or scrapped completely in face-to-face situations like at the till when purchasing wine or entering or exiting the vehicle.

COVID-19 Update

With our B.C. provincial health guidelines in mind, we have shifted our policies to adapt and change.  Caring is not sharing when it comes to COVID 19.

To be safe, healthy, and happy we have implemented the following changes:

Our touring vehicles seat up to 11, 14, and 21 passengers.  We will only reserve and combine groups larger than 6 in a vehicle if it is your decision to do so.  Otherwise, we will tour with private groups of 4 or more (midweek may be less) based on vehicle availability.

If our Uncorked groups exceed the winery maximum of 6 per tasting station, we are scalable to split groups into separate tasting stations as wineries permit. If not, we switch to plan B ~ divide and conquer by rotating groups of 6 per tasting between multiple wineries.
The key to a safe day is to reduce points of contact. Please let your Guide open doors for you, and allow us to extend concierge service for purchase as wineries allow. That means we will package up and carry anything for you from the winery to the vehicle. When we hand it off at days’ end there will be sani-spray available.

BYOM– Bring your own mask. Each guest, when traveling in combined groups, will be expected to wear them whenever traveling in our vehicles. Private groups have a bit more flexibility, but should always do the right thing to show courtesy to others.

No mask? No worries- we have official Uncorked collectible masks for purchase. These are one-size, reversible, reusable, and lined with an antibacterial hemp cloth. No profit will be made from these masks, instead of your ‘after cost dollars’ will help us support Ride for Dad– it’s our way of spreading the love, not the virus!

Uncorked still wants you to enjoy life’s little pleasures like small chocolates for pairing and chilled water to refresh the palette. Please allow us to spray each item before the handoff.  No need to cut off the goodies, we just need to be smart about sharing.

Uncorked is wide open for business and wants to make your day amazing. Call 250-769-3123, book online or ask us to book a tour for you.   

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