How to survive a Wine Tasting!

Westside Top Shelf Wine Tour
  • Get a ride. Book a tour! An average DUI in the USA (according to the DMV) costs $45,435 when all is said and done. Doesn’t make that couple hundred dollar ride look so expensive anymore, right?  
  • Toothbrush. Purple teeth are not the best look. Make sure you use a toothbrush that has never had toothpaste on it or it will alter your pallet. If you are concerned about your tooth enamel, gum is an excellent alternative as your saliva is much softer on your teeth than the bristles.
  • Eat. Don’t just snack, eat. Have a good breakfast. Make time for lunch somewhere, otherwise you’ll hate yourself later. Touring wineries stops being fun when you aren’t feeling well!
  • Wine Away Stain Remover. Let’s face it, most of us over-swirl our glass from time to time, or dribble a little bit of wine on our shirt after a trip to the spit bucket. Be prepared.
  • Pen & paper. Flooding the limbic system with alcohol is a good way to impair your memory. Write down your tasting notes, or you might forget.
  • Stay hydrated. Lets face it, nobody wants to drink water when you can drink wine. Keep a water bottle with Emergen-C (or anything with electrolytes). Make a rule for yourself: After each company you taste at, take a large gulp of water for however many tastings you had. When you run out of water, don’t be lazy. Refill it. You’ll thank yourself later.

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